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Tree Dismantling & Tree Felling - Residential Services

Tree Dismantling & Tree Felling Residential Services

Is a tree causing you inconvenience?
Is it preventing you from carrying out building work?
Maybe the tree is blocking sunlight from entering your garden or has died and is posing a danger to your home and family?

Professional tree felling & tree dismantling ensures a fast and tidy job. This means you can enjoy quick, stress-free work, a complete tidy-up afterwards and respectful workers with excellent training.

Tree felling and tree dismantling is a service in which we completely and safely remove a whole tree. We use all the most up to date rigging equipment insuring that the tree is removed safely and causing as little damage to the surrounding area as possible In addition, we take great pride in how tidy a job is left and go to extra lengths to make sure the site is left spotless.

When you get in contact with G.Shrubb Tree Surgery Ltd, we will arrange a convenient time and date that works around you to come out and complete a site assessment then a written quotation will be emailed to you within 24hrs.

Benefit from our services:

  • Free, no obligation quotation
  • Highly trained professionals will carry out all work
  • We are always here to listen to your concerns, issues or questions
  • A safety assessment will be carried out
  • Your tree will be completely and permanently removed
  • We will leave your garden tidy and remove all refuse, mess and, of course, the tree!

Crown Reduction - Residential Services

Crown Reduction Tree Service

A Crown Reduction involves reducing the overall crown/canopy of the tree by a given amount in metres. We would do this by reducing the crown area from the tips of the branches to suitable growth points. This process is determined by the species, location and structural integrity of the tree.

The benefits of crown reduction are many:

  • Preserving the natural shape: There’s nothing quite like living with good green spaces and trees and so it can be difficult to know whether to fell an inconvenient tree or not. With Crown Reduction you simply don’t need to compromise the tree. Instead the canopy is thinned, providing considerably more light below and protecting surrounding buildings.
  • Increases light: Dense canopy trees are vibrant and beautiful but very adept at blocking light. If you want more light coming through windows or into spaces like gardens and playgrounds then Crown Reduction is an ideal step to take.
  • Reduces debris: Come autumn and winter, most trees drop their leaves as well as twigs and small branches. By thinning the canopy first, this seasonal debris will be much less. Crown reduction in this manner can save councils and companies a lot of money as they don’t need to pay for as much debris clearance. In car parks, mess and the risk of damage to cars is significantly lowered.
  • Keeps tree healthy: Trees can grow branches that are even inconvenient to themselves, especially when branches are relying on each other for support. Crown reduction can improve the stability and health of a tree by reducing the size of these misaligned branches. Diseased and rotting branches can also be removed.

Crown raising - Residential Services

Crown Raising Tree Service

Crown raising involves the removal of any lower branches that may be causing an obstruction. We do this by either removing whole branches or those parts that extend below the desired heights to provide clearance under the tree.

Examples of crown raising situations:

  • Making space in your garden. Crown raising clears away those messy lower branches so you can put down a picnic table, a swing or just make your garden look much bigger.
  • Enabling clear sight along roads and streets. Tree-lined streets are beautiful and very popular in the UK but these trees must be managed responsibly. When trees have lower branches, drivers’ vision may be compromised and crown raising is an excellent way to retain clear vision while making the most of wonderful trees.
  • Clearing paths, playgrounds and car parks. Overhanging branches can cause safety issues for pedestrians, playing children and to cars. Crown raising keeps the lowest branches well away from people and cars below while still retaining the tree’s health and canopy, itself providing shade and shelter.
  • Protecting buildings. Trees often have thick and powerful branches which can brush against or damage buildings. The answer doesn’t necessarily have to be removal of the tree and in many cases a crown lift will do the job perfectly.

Crown Thinning - Residential Services

Crown Thinning Tree Service

Crown Thinning involves the removal of secondary and small live branches from throughout the crown to a maximum of 25%. This will increase light levels and reduce wind resistance to leave the tree with an overall balanced branch structure whilst retaining its original size and shape.

Advantages to Crown Thinning

  • More light is allowed to pass through the tree brightening up your garden.
  • The ability of the tree to stand against adverse weather conditions is increased.
  • Crown can be selectively thinned for aesthetic reasons ensuring a well spaced and balanced branch structure.

Pollarding - Residential Services

Pollarding Tree Service

Pollarding is a tree maintenance technique that can be used to control tree size that involves the removal of all limbs back to the main trunk. The tree is then allowed to re-grow after the initial cutting. Pollarding then requires regular re-pruning every 2 to 5 years.

Formative Pruning - Residential Services

Formative Pruning Tree Service

Formative Pruning is minor pruning during the early years of a trees growth to establish the desired form and/or to correct defects or weaknesses that may affect the structure later in life.

Deadwood Management - Residential Services

Deadwood Management Tree Service

Deadwood Management involves the removal of dead, broken, split branches and old stubs when considered a health and safety risk.

Advantages to Deadwooding

  • Safety – remove those branches before they fall on your property, or passing pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Remove unwanted weight, reducing the wind resistance of the tree and helping overall balance.
  • Aesthetic reasons – a tree with the deadwood removed looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Hedge cutting - Residential Services

Hedge Cutting Service

As hedges are living things, they will always require maintenance at some level. This prevents them from becoming inconvenient or even unsightly.

Reshaping, pruning and assessing your hedge are important parts of keeping it healthy and long-lived.

Some hedges such as conifers (with the exception of yew) will not re-shoot from old wood so will need special care. For instance, if too much green growth is cut, the hedge may thin and be unable to grow back.

When reducing or trimming a hedge, it’s crucial to cut just the right amount and this often requires training and experience.

The Benefits of Hedge Cutting:

  • Keeps hedges looking tidy and smart. Makes your hedges eye-catching for the right reasons and gives a great impression to visitors.
  • Gives you privacy and creates an attractive barrier between houses. This allows you peace and ensures you can make the most of your garden without being overlooked.
  • Keeps hedges in line with boundaries thus solving any problems with neighbours. Over-running hedges can be annoying for neighbours and hedge work keeps relationships good and boundaries tidy.
  • Keeps hedges in good health and helps to extend their lifespan. Hedge work allows border plants to grow dense and healthy. This means they can live for decades and continue to flourish.
  • Can reshape hedges to suit their environment. This allows hedges to not only look great, but also serve their purpose perfectly; be it creating privacy, marking a boundary or lining a labyrinth!
  • Performed by professionals who ensure that the hedge is trimmed back without damaging its ability to grow. Hedges can be fickle and fragile, with harsh cutting spelling catastrophe. Professional hedge work means in-depth understanding of the species, needs and grow ability.
  • Cares for your investment; hedges can be very valuable. Maintaining hedges is very cost-effective as they can take years to grow and are difficult and expensive to replace.


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