Crown raising - Residential Services

Crown Raising in Maidstone

Crown raising involves the removal of any lower branches that may be causing an obstruction. We do this by either removing whole branches or those parts that extend below the desired heights to provide clearance under the tree.

Examples of crown raising situations

  • Making space in your garden. Crown raising clears away those messy lower branches so you can put down a picnic table, a swing or just make your garden look much bigger.
  • Enabling clear sight along roads and streets. Tree-lined streets are beautiful and very popular in the UK but these trees must be managed responsibly. When trees have lower branches, drivers’ vision may be compromised and crown raising is an excellent way to retain clear vision while making the most of wonderful trees.
  • Clearing paths, playgrounds and car parks. Overhanging branches can cause safety issues for pedestrians, playing children and to cars. Crown raising keeps the lowest branches well away from people and cars below while still retaining the tree’s health and canopy, itself providing shade and shelter.
  • Protecting buildings. Trees often have thick and powerful branches which can brush against or damage buildings. The answer doesn’t necessarily have to be removal of the tree and in many cases a crown lift will do the job perfectly.