Crown Reduction - Residential Services

Crown Reduction in Maidstone

A Crown Reduction involves reducing the overall crown/canopy of the tree by a given amount in metres. We would do this by reducing the crown area from the tips of the branches to suitable growth points. This process is determined by the species, location and structural integrity of the tree.

The benefits of Crown Reduction

  • Preserving the natural shape: There’s nothing quite like living with good green spaces and trees and so it can be difficult to know whether to fell an inconvenient tree or not. With Crown Reduction you simply don’t need to compromise the tree. Instead the canopy is thinned, providing considerably more light below and protecting surrounding buildings.
  • Increases light: Dense canopy trees are vibrant and beautiful but very adept at blocking light. If you want more light coming through windows or into spaces like gardens and playgrounds then Crown Reduction is an ideal step to take.
  • Reduces debris: Come autumn and winter, most trees drop their leaves as well as twigs and small branches. By thinning the canopy first, this seasonal debris will be much less. Crown reduction in this manner can save councils and companies a lot of money as they don’t need to pay for as much debris clearance. In car parks, mess and the risk of damage to cars is significantly lowered.
  • Keeps tree healthy: Trees can grow branches that are even inconvenient to themselves, especially when branches are relying on each other for support. Crown reduction can improve the stability and health of a tree by reducing the size of these misaligned branches. Diseased and rotting branches can also be removed.