Tree Dismantling & Tree Felling - Residential Services

Tree Dismantling & Tree Felling in Maidstone

Is a tree causing you inconvenience?
Is it preventing you from carrying out building work?
Maybe the tree is blocking sunlight from entering your garden or has died and is posing a danger to your home and family?

Professional tree felling & tree dismantling ensures a fast and tidy job. This means you can enjoy quick, stress-free work, a complete tidy-up afterwards and respectful workers with excellent training.

Tree felling and tree dismantling is a service in which we completely and safely remove a whole tree. We use all the most up to date rigging equipment insuring that the tree is removed safely and causing as little damage to the surrounding area as possible In addition, we take great pride in how tidy a job is left and go to extra lengths to make sure the site is left spotless.

When you get in contact with G.Shrubb Tree Surgery Ltd, we will arrange a convenient time and date that works around you to come out and complete a site assessment then a written quotation will be emailed to you within 24hrs.

Benefit from our services:

  • Free, no obligation quotation
  • Highly trained professionals will carry out all work
  • We are always here to listen to your concerns, issues or questions
  • A safety assessment will be carried out
  • Your tree will be completely and permanently removed
  • We will leave your garden tidy and remove all refuse, mess and, of course, the tree!