Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding services at G.Shrubb Tree Surgery Ltd

Tree stumps often hold up building projects, prevent you from turfing or even create dangerous tripping hazards, here at G.Shrubb Tree Surgery Ltd we use a process known as stump grinding. We grind the stump down below ground level, creating aerated mulch that will fill the hole left behind.

The whole process takes less than a day and your garden or property will be left ready for the redevelopment you had planned. You will be able to turf, landscape, or build on the land in a way that wasn’t possible before!

By removing your tree stump you will have:

  • Stump free ground ready for just about any purpose.
  • Extra space that you can now use for flowerbeds, more lawn or even a building project.
  • Removed a trip hazard and obstacle from your garden. If the stump was on your lawn then mowing will now be easier than before.
  • No chance for new shoots to grow. These shoots could’ve been robbing nutrients from near by plants and encouraging underground root growth.


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